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  • Guangzhou Suncar Seals Co., Ltd. manufacturer production line
  • Guangzhou Suncar Seals Co., Ltd. manufacturer production line
  • Guangzhou Suncar Seals Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. After 12 years of continuous development and product innovation, the company has become one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of oil seals in China. In addition, Suncar Seals enjoys a high reputation in the Chinese oil seal market due to the stability and high quality of its products.


  • Suncar Seals Company has professional producers and complete production lines, sophistiC.A.Ted equipment and excellent quality management throughout all stages of production to meet customers' requirements for high-quality, low-cost, and long-life products. After testing, all our products meet international quality standards and are highly appreciated by consumers in different markets around the world.


  • Through cooperation with manufacturers in related industries, Suncar Seals Company has always insisted on "quality first, customer first". With high-quality products and excellent customer service, its export business covers North America, South America, Oceania and Western Europe, East Asia, South Asia and so on. We provide customers with high-quality, good service. Welcome customers from all over the world!

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Excellent Customer:

  • Customer is the most important part of the sales business. Whether you are looking for a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinder oil seals, or a user who needs to purchase after-sales parts replacement, or a fluid power distributor who is providing seals for your customers, we are willing to serve customers in need. The customer base of Suncar Seals Company is diversified, so customer feedback is one of our biggest assets. Please let us know how to serve you better.


Expert Team:

  • The employees of Suncar Seals Company are proficient in hydraulic cylinder oil seal parts used in various industries, and have a wealth of experience to provide you with good suggestions. Company staff can use the industry-leading database containing thousands of records to help customers determine the appropriate replacement hydraulic cylinder oil seal parts. Due to the perfect combination of the rich experience and knowledge of the Suncar Seals Company team, the Suncar team can provide customers with product choices. And we use the accuracy of product search, stable quality and timely online responses to clear the way for customers to buy products Obstacles.


Raw Material Supplier Channels:

  • Guangzhou Suncar Seals brings together the best raw material suppliers, and continues to strive to achieve the best product quality, and provide customers with lower prices at low costs, so as to make products that consumers trust. Our company's vision is to serve the world with quality and innovation, and to establish long-term cooperative relations with customers.


​Guangzhou Suncar Seals Co., Ltd.

  • As a supplier, Suncar Seals Company hopes to achieve long-term cooperation with customers. We can not only provide a wide range of seals products to meet the needs of different types of OEM/ODM customers, but also produce customized products according to customer samples and drawings.


  • Our seals factory has a complete production line, an efficient production team, a strong R&D team and professional staff. Our original intention of development is to expand our business around the needs of customers, and reserve suitable hydraulic cylinder oil seal parts according to the needs of various industries. Suncar Seals Company committed to developing innovative hydraulic seals, understanding export regulations and trying our best to meet the various production requirements of cooperative customers


  • Guangzhou Suncar Seals Company is committed to making products trusted by consumers!
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