Analysis and Improvement of Seal Failure

March 2, 2022
Latest company news about Analysis and Improvement of Seal Failure


  • Due to the needs of the process, there are many types of seals for the operating equipment of the oxygen generating unit, and the environmental temperature of the sealing application covers a wide range, requiring low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure, and vibration performance. The maximum pressure can reach 20 MPa, and these harsh environments have put forward higher requirements on the connection and sealing of related parts on the equipment.


  • Seals can be divided into two categories: static seals and dynamic seals. Static seals mainly include pad seals, sealant seals and direct contact seals; dynamic seals can be divided into two types: rotary seals and reciprocating seals. Whether the parts are in contact can be divided into contact seals and non-contact seals.


  • Ordinary material gaskets have various defects and have a short service life. Gas or liquid pipelines are usually sealed with gaskets between the two-piece main plates. In the past, the gasket materials often used for this kind of sealing were PTFE plates, asbestos plates or rubber plates. The first two materials can withstand low temperature. In order to enhance its sealing tightness, the raw material tape is often used to wrap around the circumference or apply sealant.


  • The gaskets of the three materials have the following disadvantages:


  • First, they all need to be manually processed into usable gaskets, and the processing of thicker or larger gaskets is more laborious, increasing the labor intensity and time of workers;


  • Second, the strength and toughness of these three kinds of gaskets are not very high, especially in the low temperature and high pressure environment, it is easy to crack and damage, and the service life is short, which affects the stable operation of the equipment;


  • Third, after long-term use, asbestos or rubber gaskets are easily damaged during disassembly and replacement, and adhere to the sealing surface of the flange, which is difficult to clean up completely, reducing the sealing performance of the sealing surface and causing potential hidden dangers to the equipment.