Analysis Of The Connection Between Hydraulic System And Seals

February 18, 2022
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  • The leakage of the hydraulic system due to poor seals is a common failure of the system and an important factor affecting whether the system can work normally. The importance of seal design has attracted great attention from many developed countries. They do not hesitate to invest a lot of manpower and material resources in the design of hydraulic system seals to improve the service life of the hydraulic system, reduce costs and improve efficiency.


  • The development of hydraulic technology is inseparable from the progress of sealing technology, and sealing theory and sealing design are also developed with the requirements of related technologies. The requirements of modern hydraulic control technology for seals have the following characteristics:


1. The high pressure of the hydraulic system has always been a development direction of the hydraulic technology. It can be said that the key to increasing the system pressure is to solve the problem of the high pressure components and the seals of the system;


2. Hydraulic control systems, such as servo control and proportional control systems, require high-precision, wide-ranging control performance for the control of output force, output displacement, and speed. This not only requires excellent sealing performance in the seal design, but also requires reducing friction to reduce the dead zone nonlinearity caused by the mechanical seal and improve the response speed of the system; The difference between the factors is the main reason for the creeping phenomenon of the low-speed moving hydraulic cylinder;


3. The worldwide environmental protection and resource issues put forward higher requirements for controlling the leakage of hydraulic transmission working medium. The leakage of hydraulic transmission working medium not only pollutes the environment, but also is a huge loss of resources.