Analyze The Cause Of Oil Leakage Of Crankshaft Oil Seal

August 20, 2021
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About crankshaft oil seal:

The crankshaft oil seal is an important seal on the engine assembly. Leakage of the crankshaft oil seal not only wastes engine oil and pollutes the environment, but also accelerates the wear of parts and affects the service life of the engine.

Take some commonly used V engine crankshaft oil seal leakage as an example, and combine the structural characteristics of the engine itself and the assembly quality to accurately find out the reasons that affect the oil leakage.


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Analysis of the cause of oil leakage:

The four types of crankshaft oil packaging and matching process, parts and drawings conformity, oil seal structure design and after-sales maintenance are investigated and analyzed. The causes of crankshaft oil seal leakage are divided into assembly quality problems, design quality problems and after-sales problems.


  • Assembly quality problems:
  • There are several reasons for assembly quality:

1. The bearing surface of the rear end of the crankshaft has a slanted structure, different texture depths, and unqualified roughness test results, resulting in poor sealing of the lip to the shaft and abnormal wear of the lip during the work process, resulting in oil leakage;

2. The emery cloth used to clean the crankshaft is dirty, the oil package is poorly clean, and repeated use of the emery cloth on the crankshaft may easily cause impurities to remain on the sleeve neck of the crankshaft rear end, causing the lip to seal the shaft neck and the oil will not be tight;

3. The tooling at the assembly site is severely damaged, and the oil seal lip is easily scratched during the assembly process, resulting in oil leakage;


  • Design quality issues:

The main reason for the design quality is the unreasonable design of the oil return line, and the worn parts cannot be effectively compensated after being worn, which causes the worn parts to be tightly sealed and oil leaks;


  • Use after-sales problems:

1. The lubricating oil used does not meet the technical requirements, and the long-term use will cause the deterioration of the oil quality, resulting in the inability to form an effective oil film, accelerating the wear of the oil seal lip and causing oil leakage;

2. After-sales maintenance is the operation is not standardized, and the secondary assembly of the oil seal is not in place, which leads to the lack of tight seal and oil leakage;


  • The above are some of the common factors that cause crankshaft oil seals to cause oil to shake. After clearing the relevant problems, timely handling can avoid the premature failure of the crankshaft oil seal.