Application and Advantages Of O-ring

November 29, 2021
Latest company news about Application and Advantages Of O-ring


  • The O-ring seal has a simple structure, good sealing performance and convenient use. It is widely used in hydraulic, steam-powered machinery, chemical and vacuum equipment and other machinery. Although the sealing ring is not as sophisticated as new technologies such as numerical control and electronics, it is valued by people.


  • However, the O-shaped rubber sealing ring has played a very important role in the industries of various countries since the 19th century. Especially in some high-tech industrial fields, the O-ring is still an important part of industrial sealing.


latest company news about Application and Advantages Of O-ring  0


  • Advantages of O-ring seals:

In terms of shape, its manufacturing process is much simpler than that of the same type of sealing element. First of all, the design and mold making are relatively simple, the film is easy to form, and it is convenient to install and remove; it is easy to find cracks and damages, and it has high compression recovery and permanent deformation. Small, with appropriate mechanical strength, after being affected by the medium, the mechanical strength changes little;


  • O-rings are extremely heat-resistant and cold-resistant, have good vibration absorption, small friction factors, that is, good wear resistance, small leakage, small size, excellent stability in dynamic hydraulics, and the seal is not affected by power and is difficult to dissolve Softening and hardening, no interaction with metal contact, such as adhesion, corrosion, etc., low price and low cost;


  • The sealing mechanism of O-shaped rubber sealing ring is not as intuitive as rectangular cross-section sealing ring, but the mechanism is the same. After the medium pressure acts, the initial contact stress and the medium pressure are superimposed to form a new contact pressure, so that the medium is tightly sealed.