Application Of Dust Seal

September 29, 2021
Latest company news about Application Of Dust Seal


  • Dust seals are generally used together with rubber seals. In some mechanical equipment hydraulic piston systems, they are installed on the mechanical connection to prevent external dust and dirt from entering the equipment, especially large excavators and bulldozers that work in harsh environments. , A large number of dust-proof seals are required to be installed on the hydraulic system of the four-wheel area to prevent the intrusion of sediment and protect the machinery.


  • For example, an oil film is adhered to the surface of the piston rod of a cylinder, and there is always dust or sand particles in the place where the cylinder is used. These dust and sand particles are equal to the oil film on the surface of the piston rod. Scratches on the lip of the upper lip seal ring or scratches on the surface of the piston rod will cause medium leakage. Therefore, it is necessary to install a dust seal on the outside of the piston rod seal ring, near the end surface of the cylinder.


  • At present, the commonly used dust ring for the piston rod of hydraulic cylinder: A type dust ring, B type dust ring (metal frame dust ring), C type dust ring (double lip dust ring) and TZF type combined dust ring ( Combination of lip dust ring);
  • They are usually made of rubber materials with good elasticity, and the sealing lip of the oil seal is assisted by external forces such as springs. The sealing mechanism is the same as that of the lip seal. They are installed in the sealing groove, due to design requirements and manufacturing errors. The resulting interference forces the dust ring to deform, prompting the dust sealing lip to always stick to the sealing surface, and generating appropriate initial contact stress on the sealing surface to prevent external impurities from intruding into the hydraulic transmission system.