Classification And Performance Introduction Of Oil Seal

December 9, 2021
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  • Oil seal is a category of general seals. It is a component used to seal the medium. It isolates the sealing medium from the environment. It plays a role in preventing oil leakage internally and preventing dust from entering. It is currently the most used One of the seals.


  • From the structure of the reciprocating skeleton oil seal, it can be seen that the reciprocating skeleton oil seal is composed of three parts: a metal skeleton, a spring ring and a sealing body; among them, the metal skeleton mainly plays a supporting role, which can keep the oil seal in shape and facilitate installation ; The function of the spring is to rely on elastic force to provide an appropriate pre-tightening force between the oil seal lip and the shaft to facilitate the sealing of the sealing medium and prevent the entry of external dust; the oil seal lip is an elastic rubber body, the main function is to maintain the lip The temperature contact with the shaft surface is the most important part of the oil seal to prevent oil leakage in the machine.


Oil seals are classified according to structure, sealing pressure, shaft movement form, lip shape, material, etc.;

1. According to different materials, oil seals can be divided into rubber oil seals, plastic oil seals and leather oil seals;

2. According to different structures, oil seals can be divided into rubber-coated oil seals, iron-clad oil seals, non-skeleton oil seals and skeleton oil seals. The skeleton oil seals can be divided into outer frame, inner frame and bare frame;

3. According to different movement modes, it can be divided into rotary oil seal and reciprocating oil seal;

4. According to the pressure it can bear, it can be divided into normal pressure type oil seal and pressure type oil seal. The required pressure of the former is generally less than 0.05 MPa, and the latter is between 1-1.2 MPa;

5. According to the number of oil seal lips, it can be divided into single-lip type oil seal and multi-lip type oil seal;


  • Factors affecting oil seal performance:

The quality of the sealing performance determines the quality of an oil seal, and there are many factors that affect the sealing performance of the oil seal, such as the structural parameters of the oil seal itself, the performance of its own materials, the loading of the oil seal during use and its matching The surface topography of the shaft, etc.