Classification And Storage Of Hdraulic Cylinder Seal Kits

June 18, 2021
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Classification And Function Of Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit:

  • Hydraulic cylinder seal kits are used to seal the gap between different parts of the hydraulic cylinder. Within the system, there are two main types of hydraulic seals:
  • Dynamic seals: Designed to seal various parts in relative motion. They can be utilized in high pressure and even when rod and hydraulic cylinder seals are in reciprocal motion between the head and the connecting rod.
  • Static seals: Our static seal kit seal parts that are not in relative motion. These are used in various locations as per the construction and look of the hydraulic cylinder. The connection rod and piston is the primary area where these seals are used.


Storage Precautions:

When storing seals, please pay attention to the following items:

1. Do not open the seal package when it is not necessary, otherwise dust will stick to the seal or scratch the seal.

2. Store in a cool place, not in direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays and water vapor will accelerate the deterioration and dimensional changes of rubber and plastics.

3. When storing unpackaged products, be careful not to stick or pack impurities and store them in their original state. Nylon should be sealed tightly to prevent dimensional changes.

4. Do not place the seals close to heat sources, such as boilers, furnaces, etc. The heat will accelerate the aging of the seals.

5. Do not place the seal near the motor or where ozone is generated.

6. Do not hang the seal with needles, iron wire or rope, otherwise it will deform the seal and damage the lip.

7. The surface of the seal sometimes has color changes or white powder (blooming phenomenon), which will not affect the performance of the seal.

8. The RAREFLON ring of the combined seal is easily scratched if it drops or is impacted by the outside, so it must be handled with special care.