Cold Knowledge Of Seals: The Relevance Of Seal Ring Application Characteristics And Material Selection

October 30, 2021
Latest company news about Cold Knowledge Of Seals: The Relevance Of Seal Ring Application Characteristics And Material Selection


  • The seal ring is a kind of seal, and the choice of seal ring material is of great significance to its sealing performance and service life. The general sealing ring can achieve a good sealing effect under a certain high temperature and high pressure. Moreover, the sealing ring has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, strong corrosion ability, not easy to age, long working life, and wear resistance.


  • The material selection and performance correlation analysis of the sealing ring:

1. Compatibility of medium:

The selection of the sealing material according to the sealing medium is a very important basis, because the sealing ring will have direct contact with the sealing medium. If they are not compatible with each other, it will not only damage the sealing ring but also contaminate the sealing medium. The material of the sealing ring should not be subject to a series of conditions such as corrosion and abrasion of the sealing medium, chemical reaction, etc. Special circumstances require special consideration.


2. Mechanical movement speed:

The adaptability of the seal material to the mechanical movement speed is also different. When the mechanical rotation speed is high, the common material seal may fail and cause leakage.


3. Working temperature:

The temperature cannot affect the performance of the sealing material too high or too low. Too high temperature will reduce the hardness and stretchability of the sealing ring, and too low temperature will make the seal brittle. Therefore, each type of sealing material has its own suitable minimum and maximum temperature. At present, most of the sealing ring materials are mostly mixed materials, so the temperature should be controlled more accurately.


4. Work pressure:

The material of the sealing ring is also very sensitive to the working pressure. There is a big difference between the pressure that the sealing ring made of different materials and the sealing ring of different types can withstand. Therefore, the sealing ring products have pressure resistance, oil resistance and temperature resistance. Of points. For oil seals, the working pressure is relatively small. If it exceeds its bearing range, it will not only cause leakage but also reduce the service life of the sealing ring.