Common Application Knowledge Sharing Of Hydraulic Seals

December 30, 2021
Latest company news about Common Application Knowledge Sharing Of Hydraulic Seals


  • Hydraulic rubber seal is a very common and popular sealing device, which plays a great role in some sealing problems in daily production and life. It is an extremely important way of existence whether it is to promote technological development or to prevent, mitigate and mitigate.


  • Hydraulic rubber seal is a kind of rubber product that has become a molecular material with high value after combining with qualified sealing technology. If it is under pressure, its elasticity will become very flexible. Therefore, the leakage can be compensated by increasing the contact area, so as to achieve the sealing effect.


  • The first more specific application of hydraulic rubber seals is dust prevention. One of the things that must be installed in all hydraulic cylinders is the dust ring. Obviously, the biggest role of the dust ring is to prevent dust, so as to improve the mechanical performance. Utilization rate, will not cause mechanical failure due to dust pollution.


  • Oil seals are rotating sealing elements in mechanical equipment, and oil seals are also divided into inner and outer frame oil seals. Due to its precise coaxiality, the outer frame oil seal is widely used in many precision mechanical equipment or coaxiality that requires a relatively high shaft degree.