Common failure causes and improvement measures of seal

March 29, 2022
Latest company news about Common failure causes and improvement measures of seal


  • The failure of seals due to raw material problems is mainly manifested in two aspects: improper material selection and quality problems in the material itself. When the sealing material is not compatible with the fluid, the rubber absorbs the liquid and swells, resulting in permanent deformation; If the hardness is improperly selected and the elasticity is not good, it will not be able to play a sealing role, resulting in seal failure and leakage.


  • Considering the convenience of process operation, materials that can theoretically achieve the performance of rubber seals are selected, but the failure of rubber seals is caused by improper formulation or vulcanization process. Or the selected rubber friction coefficient is not suitable, the rubber compound is mixed unevenly or impurities are accidentally mixed in the mixing process, the amount of additives exceeds the standard or segregation, pores, porosity, and poor interface between the reinforcing agent and the matrix material. , will cause the performance of the seal to decline and fail.