Common sense analysis of the application of seals

March 7, 2022
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  • Through continuous research and study, it is found that with the development of synthetic rubber, there are profound researches on the sealing and use of O-ring seals at home and abroad. It has a simple structure, good sealing and convenient use. It has been widely used in hydraulic, steam Power machinery, chemical and vacuum equipment and other machinery.


  • Although seals are not as new and mysterious as new technologies such as numerical control and electronics, they are valued by people. However, since the 19th century, O-shaped rubber seals have played an important role in the industries of various countries. Especially when the current domestic technical level is still far from advanced countries, O-shaped rubber seals will be used for a long time. , will still take the heavy responsibility for industrial sealing.


  • The advantages of the seal, from the perspective of the shape of the o-shaped rubber seal, its manufacturing process is much simpler than that of the same type of seal components, first of all, the design and molding are relatively simple, the film is easy to lift, the assembly is convenient, and the It is found that the rupture and damage, the compression recovery is large, the permanent deformation is small, and the mechanical strength is appropriate;


  • After being affected by the medium, the mechanical strength changes little, the heat and cold resistance, the vibration absorption is good, the friction factor is small, that is, the wear resistance is good, the leakage loss is small, its volume is small, the change is small, and it has excellent stability in power hydraulics. The seal is not affected by power, it is difficult to dissolve, soften and harden, the metal contact does not interact, and the price is cheap and low cost.