Does Improper Selection Of Hydraulic Oil Damage The Seals?

September 15, 2021
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  • The first situation is that improper selection of hydraulic oil is mainly reflected in the compatibility of the oil night and the rubber seal. If the selected oil has poor compatibility with the seal, it will accelerate the deterioration of the rubber, the expansion and aging of the seal, and the Produce non-sinkable oil conditions, etc., accelerate the wear of the seal, and cause the seal to fail;


  • The second situation is the problem of oil contamination. Among them, the pollutants of hydraulic pollution include solid pollutants, gaseous pollutants, and liquid pollutants, which are one of the main reasons for the failure of the rubber seal.



  • The presence of these pollutants will cause the oil's response performance, lubrication performance, anti-rust performance and anti-sludge deposition performance to decline. In severe cases, it will cause abrasive wear on the seals, causing aging, cracking, expansion and deformation, etc.; therefore, the oil must be checked for contaminants in time during use, and the oil change interval must be reasonably determined to ensure the performance of the hydraulic oil:


  • In the third case, it is found through inspection that the pollution degree of unfiltered, purified and precipitated new oil often exceeds the specified requirements. The pollution of new oil is mainly caused by refining, packaging, transportation, and storage.Gradually formed during the storage process, and during the long-term storage of new oil, the particle contaminants of the oil have a tendency to agglomerate into clusters. Therefore, after new oil is purchased or before refilling, attention should be paid to the detection of its main physical and chemical indicators, and the new oil that does not meet the requirements should be filtered and purified before use;


  • The three situations mentioned above are common problems caused by improper selection of hydraulic oil. The problem of seal failure caused by improper selection of hydraulic oil should be paid attention to. Only by focusing on seals and hydraulic oil will the mechanical equipment be good. Lay the foundation for operation.