Effective measures to prevent seal failure

March 23, 2022
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  • According to the operating conditions and working conditions of the rotating equipment, make appropriate selection, and set up necessary auxiliary facilities. For example, under high temperature conditions, graphite, cobalt-based tungsten carbide and other sealing rings should be selected to improve high temperature performance. Flushing facilities play the functions of cooling, lubricating and purifying, and strengthen daily standardized use and maintenance. The deterioration of the medium and working conditions has a significant impact on the failure of the mechanical seal, such as increased corrosion of the medium, solid particles in the medium, and viscosity of the medium. Properly use rotating equipment, strengthen daily inspections, and always pay attention to the operating conditions of rotating equipment; such as: bearing temperature, click speed, etc., strictly control the characteristics of the medium, and prevent the use of seals. Changes in working conditions;


  • Improve the maintenance quality of mechanical seals, pay attention to the maintenance quality in daily maintenance, handle with care in the assembly process of seals, keep the sealing components intact and clean, and adjust the clearance and fittings reasonably according to the maintenance procedures, such as: sealing surface clearance , elastic storage specific pressure, etc. In addition, to prevent excessive vibration of the pump, focus on the dynamic balance of the rotor and alignment.