How Long Is The Life Of The Sealing Ring Stored For A Long Time?

November 24, 2021
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  • The rubber seal ring has been widely used in the sealing structure of mechanical equipment due to its good sealing characteristics. The sealing performance of its structure will directly affect the normal function of the equipment.


  • The materials commonly used as rubber seals include silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, nitrile rubber, and natural rubber. These materials will slowly degrade in physical and chemical properties and mechanical properties under long-term environmental action, causing the rubber seal to lose its sealing ability. Therefore, it is of great significance to grasp and evaluate the storage life of rubber seals.


  • At present, the life evaluation method of rubber seals is mainly the dynamic curve linearization method, which is based on the test data of the performance parameters of the rubber seals at different accelerated aging temperatures, such as compression set or compression stress relaxation; different temperatures can be established Under the relationship between the performance of the rubber seal ring and time, and get the calculation equation between its aging rate constant and temperature.


  • By extrapolating this equation, the aging rate constant at the storage temperature of the rubber sealing ring can be calculated. If the performance parameter value corresponding to the aging of the rubber sealing ring is determined, the life of the rubber sealing ring can be calculated.


  • Detection method:

1.  Analysis of existing compression permanent deformation

2. Accelerated aging test and data processing

3. Evaluation of remaining storage life


  • Test conclusion:

Through the air-tightness function test, it is determined that the rubber sealing ring fails when the cross-sectional springback in the compression direction is 1.49mm, and the critical value of the sealing ring failure is calculated to be 0.894; according to the data, it can be calculated that the rubber sealing ring is at 25℃ Stored below, its storage life is 3.8 years