How Many Types Of Static Seals Are There?

October 10, 2021
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Static seal usually refers to the seal between two static surfaces. The so-called static seal refers to a seal that is in a static state without relative movement during bearing operation. The seal without relative movement between the seal couplings is called a static seal.


There are three main categories of static seals: gasket seal, sealant seal and direct contact seal. According to the working pressure, static sealing can be divided into medium and low pressure static sealing and high pressure static sealing. Medium and low pressure static seals usually use softer and wider gasket seals, while high-pressure static seals use harder metal gaskets with a narrow contact width.


Types of static seals:

  • Non-metallic category: O-shaped rubber sealing ring, sealing gasket, PTFE raw material tape;
  • Rubber metal conforms to the category: combined sealing gasket;
  • Metal category: metal gaskets, hollow metal O-rings;
  • Liquid category: sealant