How To Choose An Seal Kit?

July 1, 2021
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How To Choose An Seal Kit:

  • Commonly used self-sealing compression type seal kits for seal kits are mainly O-rings, round seals and rectangular rings. They have the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacturing, and low cost. Therefore, they are widely used as dynamic seals in hydraulic transmission systems. Components and static sealing components. They are usually installed in seal grooves, which usually produce 15-25% radial compression deformation and high initial contact stress on the seal surface, thus preventing the leakage of non-pressure liquid.


Points To Choose A Seal kit:

  • When purchasing maintenance seals, most users will purchase according to the size and color of the sample. This will only increase the difficulty of purchasing, and it may not be able to select the appropriate product. The following procedures are recommended to improve the accuracy of purchased seals:

1. Focus on sealing

  • For example, it is determined that the moving point is a tie rod seal with an inner diameter or a piston seal with a moving point at an outer diameter.

2. Direction of movement

  • First determine the direction of movement where the seal is located, such as reciprocating, rotating, spiraling, or fixed.

3. Temperature class

  • Check the operating instructions of the original machine or evaluate the working temperature according to the actual working environment to determine the required materials. For the description of the temperature grade, please refer to the note for production users below.

4. Pressure level

  • Check the relevant data from the instructions of the original machine, or infer the working pressure level by observing the soft hardness and structure of the original seal. For the description of the pressure level, please refer to the note by the production user below.

5. Size

  • Most users will purchase according to the used samples, but after using for a period of time, the original size will be greatly affected by factors such as temperature, pressure and abrasion. The selection according to the sample can only be used as a reference. A better method It is a measure of the size of the metal groove where the seal is located, and the accuracy will be higher.