How To Improve The Mechanical Seal Effect?

August 11, 2021
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The concept of mechanical seal:

The mechanical seal is fixed on the pump shaft, and the dynamic ring is fixed on the static ring on the pump casing. The dynamic and static rings on both sides are kept in close contact with the spring force to achieve a leak sealing device. In the chemical industry, it is often used in various types of pumps, electric kettles, shaft end seal compressors and other equipment.


The composition of the mechanical seal:

The basic components of the mechanical seal are composed of a fixed ring, a moving ring, a gland, an ejector ring, a positioning ring, a shaft sleeve, a moving ring seal and a static ring seal. The mechanical seal ring is made of soft material, and the hard ring is made of hard material. It has two structural forms: single-ended mechanical seal and double-ended mechanical seal.


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Measures to improve the effect of mechanical seal:

1. Continuous flushing: There are mainly two types of flushing process with self-working medium. The medium that does not meet the requirements and specifications is an important reason for the leakage of the mechanical seal. Careful inspection of the washing medium and a series of necessary tasks during the flushing process are the main aspects of mechanical seal leakage; regular inspection and flushing of the equipment that needs to be cleaned to ensure that the cleaning equipment and production of dirt are cleaned, and the possibility of leakage due to cleaning is fundamentally eliminated. ;

2. Installation: After a leak study, it was found that only by preventing random interference and changing the environment can the possibility of seal failure be eliminated and a true seal can be achieved. When the seals do not strictly meet the special installation requirements, a large degree of leakage accidents will occur. Although there is no maintenance of the pump seal leakage caused by mechanical friction during operation, unreasonable movement and relative movement It will still damage the sealing effect, so ensure that all procedures meet the requirements during the installation process.

3. Stable operation; chemical machinery can run in a relatively stable condition, which can reduce the degree of wear of the machine. Due to changes in plant shutdown, operation and start-up, etc.

The required normal operating procedures can provide a good operating ring lens, protect the chemical machinery to a large extent, and extend the life of the product;

4. Equipment improvement: In order to ensure the mechanical performance of the equipment, necessary technical improvement is also an urgent task. For example, the dh302 circulating water pump does not have a good and strict replacement procedure during its replacement time, which leads to leakage. The reason is that the irregular movement between the equipment makes the pump unable to work normally, so the seal is broken. To solve the problem of the water pump, only need to improve the matching degree of the pump, which will not affect the normal use of the pump;


  • With the above-mentioned measures to improve the effect of mechanical seals, you can better understand the use of mechanical seals and related maintenance, so that you can quickly find the problem when you encounter similar problems.