Know The Design Related Matters Of Locomotive Oil Seal

November 16, 2021
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The most commonly used in locomotive engines is the rotary shaft lip seal, which is a relatively complex rubber product. The difference in material and structure has a great impact on its sealing performance and working life. In the design of the oil seal, it is necessary to select the type of the oil seal, so what related matters should we be clear about in the design?


1. The mechanical type, installation location and surrounding environment of the oil seal;


2. Shaft diameter and tolerance, rotation speed and direction, levelness, eccentricity; shaft working condition is intermittent or continuous, is it reciprocating or rotating; shaft material, surface hardness, surface roughness, surface processing method; shaft beating The deviation of the volume, shaft diameter and box body; the diameter and tolerance of the box hole, width, material and surface roughness;


3. Whether the lubrication method is oil-soluble, circulating, droplet or dripping, and whether it is lubricating oil or grease;


4. Whether the type of fluid to be sealed is medium oil or commercial oil, the dosage is full immersion shaft or semi-immersion shaft, pressure level and temperature level.


As long as the working conditions of the oil seal are fully grasped, a reasonable type can be selected and a reasonableparameter selection can be made; in the end, a qualified oil seal will be born.