Oil Seal Leakage Prevention Knowledge: Oil Seal Assembly

August 10, 2021
Latest company news about Oil Seal Leakage Prevention Knowledge: Oil Seal Assembly


Definition of oil seal:

  • The oil seal is a mechanical component that seals the oil, and generally refers to the skeleton oil seal. There is a
  • linear contact zone between the main lip and the rotating shaft. This contact zone will form a very thin oil film. The oil film can not only remove the friction between the main lip and the rotating shaft due to relative movement, but also Prevent the outflow of lubricating oil and form a seal.
  • Most of the leakage of oil seal is caused by the damage of the main lip oil film, and a small part is caused by the matching of the outer ring and the shell at one time. To prevent oil seal leakage, we analyze the factors that affect reliability from the assembly and assembly of the oil seal.


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Matters needing attention in oil seal assembly:

1. Check whether there are burrs on the tires where the oil seal is installed. When installing the oil seal on the indenter, the burrs will scratch the main lip of the oil seal, causing oil leakage in the early stage of the transmission, and the protective tooling must be maintained regularly;

2. Whether the center of the indenter and the center of the bearing hole of the shell are press-fitted perpendicularly when the

oil seal is press-fitted, to avoid the rubber of the outer ring of the oil seal being damaged by the side of the oil seal hole of the


3. The oil seal should be pressed below the plane around the casing oil seal hole, preferably lower than the chamfer of the casing oil hole, and maintain the pressure for 2-5s to avoid the color oil seal rebound and increase the risk of leakage;

4. When installing the oil seal, be sure to wear clean gloves. There should be no sharp foreign objects such as aluminum chips on the gloves. The workbench where the oil seal is placed must also be cleaned, otherwise the main lip or outer ring of the oil seal will be scratched if the sharp foreign objects stick to the oil seal;

5. Oil seal grease is applied in a standard manner. Too much grease will cause the grease to flow out of the transmission after melting, causing misjudgment by customers or staff, which is often referred to as "false oil leakage".


The precautions for assembly of the oil seal described above are to implement the assembly to the point, minimize the assembly damage in the human aspect, analyze the cause of leakage, and prevent the oil seal from leaking.