Performance Characteristics Of Auxiliary Seals

December 23, 2021
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  • When the auxiliary seal is used as compensation for the seal ring with compensating ability in the mechanical seal, because it can process the compensation ring and related parts, and in this process, it can affect the service life of the sealing system, so it is used in practical applications. In the middle, it is necessary to ensure that the compensation ring moves.


  • Since the auxiliary seal has various forms, and the density of different forms of the seal ring is different, it is necessary to design and install the seal ring reasonably to avoid leakage at the seal.


  • The friction mechanism of the auxiliary seal:

1. Because the rubber material has the characteristics of high elasticity and high polymer, in the process of using rubber without lubricant, its surface can produce a certain friction with the base surface, and the hysteresis caused by the adhesion surface is rubber elasticity and viscous. Comprehensive phenomenon of sex;


2. In the process of rubber friction, due to its certain adhesive friction, hysteresis friction, etc., it can also reduce the friction between the rubber and the contact surface, showing a fluid lubrication state, and in the sliding process In the process of movement, a lubricating water film is produced, which has the mechanism of dynamic sliding, sticky water sliding, and micro-elastohydrolubrication during the movement;


  • In the process of studying the dynamic characteristics of the auxiliary sealing ring, the test conclusion can be analyzed through the test method, and the specific can be understood through three aspects.


1. In the process of testing, due to the continuous changes in the data of the mechanical seal compensation, the angle of the seal ring is slightly moved during the movement. This process can be used as an axial reciprocating movement, which can be passed through Proni The method of level data fitting is calculated, and then the leakage amount of the sealing ring movement is obtained.


2. In order to prevent the sealing ring from leaking during the movement, it is required that the force on the pressure side is greater than the force on the non-side pressure during operation, which can improve the water seepage pressure of the sealing shaft in practical applications.


3. In the process of processing the sealed shaft, since it may seal toxic liquids, O-ring seals need to be used during operation to ensure that leakage does not occur again and improve operating efficiency.