Precautions For Installation Of Floating Oil Seal

September 22, 2021
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  • Floating oil seal is a common name for floating seal, which is a kind of mechanical seal in dynamic seal. It has super sealing performance in harsh working environment such as coal powder, silt, moisture, etc. It is a compact mechanical Sealed, mainly used for low-speed and heavy-duty occasions.


Whether the floating oil seal is installed correctly has a great influence on the sealing performance, so pay attention to the following points when installing:


1. When installing the floating oil seal, the floating seat cavity and various seals should be thoroughly cleaned, and the contaminated grease, dust, and other metal debris should be thoroughly cleaned, and then the seal should be taken out when using it. , So as to prevent the surface from being worn out;


2. After confirming that the rubber sealing ring is close to the inner side of the metal ring, install the upper half of the floating sealing ring, and when the floating oil is sealed into the seat hole, special tools should be used to push it in to prevent the position from deviating. Then check the position of the seal to ensure that the rubber ring is parallel to the wall. Check the height from the sealing surface to the body surface of the seat hole at least at four locations separated by 90 degrees along the sealing circumference. Do not push or pull the floating seal ring directly. It should be used Special tools for pushing or lifting the rubber ring;


3. After confirming that the installation is proper, wipe the metal surface clean with a clean rag, and then apply a layer of oil film on the surface to prevent dry friction between the sealing surfaces during the initial operation after the oil seal is installed. When applying the oil film, be careful not to smear In other places, especially the contact surface of the rubber ring and the floating seal ring, there must be no lubricating oil;


4. After installing the other half, align the floating seal seat holes on both sides, and then assemble it slowly and carefully, taking care to avoid impact on the sealing surface, otherwise the floating oil seal may be damaged on the side. The difference in diameter should be less than 0.5mm;


5. If you need to replace new parts during installation, you need to replace all the two halves with new ones. You can't mix the new and the old. Even if the quality of the old seal is still good, you can't continue to use it.