Precautions For Installing Seal And Influencing Factors Of Seal

June 15, 2021
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  •  Precautions.

1. Before designing the groove, please read the description of each series of products by yourself, and distinguish clearly whether the product uses an integral groove or a split groove; the process of installing the seal should be careful to avoid the sharp edge, and the hole seal must be installed in the integral groove. With the help of installation tools, the designer should consider parameters such as groove size accuracy, surface roughness, extrusion gap, etc. Please refer to product instructions, diagrams and size tables for details.

2. Before installing the seal, make sure that there are no impurities and cracks in the seal groove, and apply operating oil to the surface of the seal groove and the seal respectively; install the seal gradually in order; avoid the sharp edges and straighten the seal during the installation process. Avoid twisting and skewing; if it is a split groove, tighten the gland at the end.


  • Influencing Factors:
  • Hydraulic seals play a vital role in the integration of hydropneumatics, and there are many factors that affect seals.

(1) First of all, pressure is an important factor that affects the quality of the seal. The level of pressure and the length of the pressure cycle change have a great impact on the damage of the seal (such as extrusion). The higher the pressure, the greater the impact of other factors on the performance of the seal, such as temperature, speed, the material of the seal, the gap between the piston and the cylinder, and the gap between the piston and the cylinder head.

(2) The other is the same temperature as friction. It is more difficult to describe the maximum use temperature and minimum use temperature of the seal material, because this is the result of a series of factors. The working temperature of the piston and the piston rod are different, and they should be selected differently. There is also the surface roughness of the seal product, surface characteristics, pressure, medium, temperature, seal material, seal type and movement speed, which are all factors that affect the seal.


  • The last one is surface treatment. Experience has shown that the characteristics of the surface of the cylinder piston and piston rod have a great influence on the life of the seal. Surface characteristics are usually defined by the surface roughness RA value, which is the arithmetic mean of the absolute value of the surface shape deviation from the center line. However, these values ​​do not fully represent the influence of the surface condition on the seal, because even under the same roughness, different surface shape characteristics can lead to different degrees of seal wear on the seal.