Precautions For The Storage And Management Of Construction Machinery Seals

August 17, 2021
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The main factors that cause the early failure of rubber seals:

The chemical composition of the rubber seal determines that the storage and management must meet the specified requirements. After investigation, it is found that improper management of rubber seals due to placement, storage, transportation, etc. is the main factor that causes early seal failure. Therefore, the daily management of rubber seals should be stored in accordance with the instructions of the seal product.



Methods of storage and management of seals:

(1) Avoid direct sunlight, heat, dampness, mineral spirits, grease and other solid materials, or contact with metal or non-metal materials that may cause deterioration. The storage temperature is best to be lower than 25. Celsius, but not less than -15 Celsius, the storage period is generally less than one and a half years; ring seals should not be hung with iron wire or string; if the retained seals need to be cleaned during assembly, soapy water or methanol denatured alcohol can be used Wash and pre-assemble after drying at room temperature. Do not bake on a heat source.


(2) For example, the storage of the O-ring must be done to avoid direct sunlight, humidity and air fluid. Its suitable temperature is 2-20 degrees Celsius, and the suitable air humidity is about 70%; storage must be 1 meter away from the heating equipment. It is not allowed to be placed in acid and alkali rooms; pressure is not allowed to avoid permanent deformation; the validity period of the rubber ring is generally 2-5 years, and the bag with the O-ring must record the date of manufacture and delivery.