Recognize The Application Characteristics Of Combined Seals

October 25, 2021
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  • Sealing is one of the effective means to solve the problem of hydraulic system leakage. When the oil system is not well sealed, it will pollute the environment due to external leakage, and it will also cause air to enter the hydraulic system and affect the working performance of the hydraulic pump and the movement of hydraulic actuators. The smoothness.


  • Piston seals are used to seal with the liquid inside the cylinder body of the hydraulic cylinder. They are located inside the cylinder head and seal the cylinder bore to prevent liquid from flowing out of the cylinder head. This makes the pressure on one side of the piston end accumulates to allow the cylinder to expand and contract; the piston rod seal seals the cylinder rod, and must meet no dynamic leakage to the atmosphere under all working conditions, and must be a perfect static seal when the machine is stopped. In addition, to improve mechanical efficiency by reducing friction, and to be easy to install.


Typical Sealing Characteristics Of Combined Seals:

1. There is no crawling when starting, and the work is stable;

2. Low dynamic and static friction coefficient, low energy loss and low heat generation;

3. Wear resistance and long service life;

4. Even if it is not moved for a long time or during long-term storage, there is no adhesion phenomenon on the mating surface;

5. It is suitable for most hydraulic oils and most modern hardware materials, and is compatible with almost all media;

6. The maximum diameter of the piston rod suitable for sealing is up to 2600mm.