Seal leakage analysis during operation of equipment

April 13, 2022
Latest company news about Seal leakage analysis during operation of equipment


  • The centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the pump mechanical seal after the static test will inhibit the leakage of the medium. Therefore, the leakage of mechanical seals during operation is basically the seal failure caused by the damage of the dynamic and static ring friction pairs after eliminating the seal failure between the shaft and the end cover;


  • Factors causing the failure of the friction pair seal:
  • 1. During operation, due to abnormal phenomena such as evacuation, cavitation, pressure holding, etc., a large axial force is caused, so that the contact surfaces of the dynamic and static rings are separated;


  • 2. When the mechanical seal is installed, the amount of compression is too large, resulting in serious wear and injury on the end face of the friction pair;


  • 3. The moving ring seal is too tight, and the elastic bud cannot adjust the axial floating amount of the moving ring;


  • 4. The static ring seal is too loose. When the moving ring floats axially, the static ring is separated from the static ring seat;


  • 5. There are granular substances in the working medium, which enter the friction pair during operation and damage the sealing end faces of the dynamic and static rings;


  • 6. The design and selection are wrong, the specific pressure of the sealing end face is low or the cold shrinkage of the sealing material is large;


  • The above situation often occurs in the trial operation, and sometimes can be eliminated by properly adjusting the static ring seat, etc., but most of them need to be disassembled and replaced.