Talking About The Development Prospect Of Rubber Seals

June 22, 2022
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  • Rubber seals are an important part of mechanical basic parts. All kinds of mechanical equipment are composed of power transmission and control systems and their basic parts. It includes fluid transmission, mechanical transmission, electrical transmission and other transmission methods, hydraulic, pneumatic , seals and other components are the key basic parts of the power transmission and control system, and are an important guarantee for the performance, quality, safety and reliability of various mechanical hosts.


  • Rubber seals are matched by auto parts and automobile manufacturers, accounting for more than 50% of the total demand. With the further integration of domestic and foreign markets, my country's rubber seal market will grow rapidly. In the new round of industrial development, it is necessary to A large number of high-performance, high-reliability seals, this market has huge potential.


  • From the data point of view, the demand for mainframes in the hydraulic pneumatic seal industry maintains a growth rate of about 10%, of which some large equipment such as excavators, loaders, CNC machine tools, bulldozers, road machinery, and combine harvesters have increased significantly. performance, the hydraulic rate of the main engine continues to increase, and the number of hydraulic and pneumatic transmission and control equipment continues to increase. So there is a huge demand for high-quality rubber seals.


  • In order to meet the needs of the industry, the development prospects in the field of rubber seals are huge. From the continuous improvement of the performance level of the hydraulic system and the pneumatic system, the quality requirements of the rubber seals are also constantly improving, and the seals keep improving with the pace of social development. Therefore, the rubber seal industry will surely usher in a new wave of vigorous development. .