The Basic Points Of Quality Control Of Rotating Shaft Oil Seal

December 28, 2021
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  • The dimensional accuracy of the oil seal, namely the outer diameter, height, and roundness, affect the assembly of the oil seal. The structural parameters are the lip interference, the front angle of the lip, the back angle of the lip, the thickness of the waist, the length, and the distance from the center of the oil seal lip to the spring. The shape of the spring groove and the width of the spring lip affect the sealing performance of the oil seal;


  • The outer diameter, inner diameter, height, and roundness of the oil seal can be checked with a caliper with a graduation of 0.02, according to the values and tolerances specified in the standard or according to the drawings. The section inspection of the oil seal is to cut the section of the oil seal into 0.8~1.0mm thin slices, and use the projector to magnify 10 times to check the product drawings, which can strictly control the structural parameters of the oil seal.



  • The rubber is the sealing body of the oil seal, which is in direct contact with the shaft. It is an important factor affecting the sealing and durability of the oil seal. Common rubber test instruments or equipment can be used for hardness, tensile strength, elongation, hot air aging, Tests for medium resistance, low temperature brittleness, and compression permanent deformation, and evaluate and test according to the items and instructions specified in HG/T2811-96 or the indicators agreed with the user;


  • The process design of the adhesiveness of the semi-finished rubber compound and the stability of the shrinkage rate of the rubber material is extremely important. The test and judgment should be carried out by using a vulcanizer, a Mooney viscometer and the observation of the production site;


  • The supporting metal frame is the main component of the oil seal, which can ensure that the oil seal is not deformed, and also plays a supporting role to ensure the relative stability of the structural parameters of each part of the oil seal. The skeleton is measured and judged by using a caliper with a division value of 0.02 in accordance with the numerical value, tolerance range or technical requirements of the product drawing specified by the adopted standard.