Understand The Precautions When Assembling The V-shaped Sealing Ring

August 16, 2021
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The main points of the assembly of V-shaped sealing ring:

1. Before installation, check the shaft surface for defects such as scratches, burrs, and rot. If there are any defects, it should be repaired; check the quality of the sealing ring is intact; the support ring should be placed on a test that bears the pressure of the medium; when the V-shaped clip fabric When the rubber sealing ring cannot be installed from the uranium direction or the specifications cannot meet the needs and the adjacent one larger sealing ring is selected, it can be installed with cuts (pure rubber sealing rings cannot be installed with cuts);


2. Installation points of the V-shaped sealing ring cutout:

The installation direction of the incision is 45 degrees from the lip of the sealing ring to the bottom edge. The incisions of adjacent sealing rings must be staggered by 90 degrees during installation to ensure the sealing effect. During the installation process, the sealing ring passes through the thread, keyway, and When splines, etc., prevent lip damage; the shaft surface should be coated with the same lubricant as the working medium;


3. After the installation is completed, the first pressing force should not be too large, and the operation test should be carried out first to check whether the sealing requirements are met and verify the heating degree of the sports pair. If it cannot be sealed, the pressing force can be relaxed and gradually adjusted to the maximum Good condition.