Use Hydraulic Seals In The Right Way

January 22, 2022
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  • Seals can be used to prevent oil leakage and external gas, dust, etc. from entering the hydraulic system. Of course, it is impossible for the hydraulic cylinder to be absolutely sealed, because the reciprocating motion of the piston rod always brings out the oil. However, this leakage is required to be as small as possible. On the contrary, if the piston reciprocates without any oil, the piston rod is in dry friction, which will affect the working performance and life of the hydraulic cylinder.


  • Hydraulic seals are the core of hydraulic equipment and the guarantee for the normal operation of hydraulic equipment. First of all, it is necessary to understand the environmental conditions such as the working performance, working pressure, working oil temperature, working medium, hydraulic oil and movement speed of hydraulic equipment.


  • At the same time, it is also necessary to understand the structural form, sealing characteristics, price and performance of the sealing material of the hydraulic seal, ensure the design and manufacture quality of the seal, the sealing surface, the sealing groove and the assembly quality of the seal, and enhance the pollution and protection awareness of the hydraulic oil. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of hydraulic oil pollution. Hydraulic oil pollution should be replaced in time, and the storage and preservation of hydraulic seals should be done well.


  • Based on this, conduct a comprehensive analysis and comparison, and select common hydraulic seals with suitable materials and suitable structural forms. When purchasing hydraulic seals for maintenance, most users will buy according to the size and color of the sample, which will only increase purchases. difficult, and it may not be possible to select the right product.