What Do Excavator Accessories Include?

June 22, 2021
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Excavator Accessories:

Excavator parts generally refer to parts that can form a complete excavator. In industry, it often refers to vulnerable parts or detachable parts according to construction requirements.


Accessories Classification:

  • Excavator parts are mainly composed of two parts: mechanical parts and electronic parts.
  • Mechanical parts are pure mechanical parts to provide power support, mainly hydraulic pumps, grabs, booms, crawlers, engines, etc.
  • Electronic accessories are the drive control part of the excavator, used to drive the mechanical parts to perform reasonable work, mainly including computer version, hydraulic flow controller, angle sensor, diesel meter, fuse, ignition switch, oil suction pump, etc.
  • The mechanical parts and the drive control part are complementary to each other. The electronic control part is used to drive and coordinate the effective work of each mechanical part. The condition of the mechanical part is fed back to the electronic control part through the electronic part, so as to coordinate the work of the excavator more effectively. To achieve its highest work efficiency.



Some Parts Of Excavator:

① Electrical components, including: starter motor computer board | automatic refueling motor | operating rod assembly | display | throttle cable | solenoid valve | horn button | relay | dashboard | fuse | monitor | control panel | air conditioning compressor Engine|Full vehicle wiring harness| Suction pump| Governor| Connector| Timer| Plug| Preheating resistance| Fuse| Working lamp| Fuse diesel meter| Horn assembly| Controller| Switch| Magnetic switch| Hydraulic pump pressure Switch| Oil Pressure Switch| Stop Switch| Ignition Switch| Sensor| Water Temperature Sensor| Oil Sensor| Diesel Sensor| Auto Throttle Motor Sensor| Sensor| Single Foot Sensor| Angle Sensor| Speed Rotation Sensor| Pressure Sensor.

② Hydraulic parts: main oil seal | repair kits | O-rings | water pump repair kits | breaker repair kits | distribution valve repair kits | hydraulic pump repair kits | rotary pump repair kits | cylinder repair kits | walking motor repair kits | hydraulic cylinders | Piston | Boom Cylinder | Arm Cylinder | Bucket Cylinder | Cylinder Barrel Tension Cylinder | Piston Rod.