What tools can be used when replacing the seals?

September 27, 2021
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In the practice of assembling seals, most people only rely on both hands to complete the assembly of the seal ring. This common method of assembly and disassembly can easily cause damage to the seals, and eventually lead to equipment leakage. In many cases, the location of the seal is difficult to access or the size is too small. Without good tools and methods, the operation is almost impossible.


It is necessary to use the correct and appropriate tools and methods for assembly and disassembly. Now let’s analyze which tools are suitable for assembly and disassembly:


Pointed cone: This tool is used for small O-rings, which can be folded and removed from inaccessible positions, but the pointed cone is easy to damage the O-ring, so it is suitable for unimportant occasions. The operation is simple. Its tip picks the O-ring out of the groove;


Bent cone: Used to remove the O-ring from the inaccessible position. During operation, put the tool into the groove while turning the handle to push the hole wall to detach the O-ring from the groove;


Curved cone: used to remove the O-ring from the groove, and also used to pull the O-ring into the groove, the operation method of the curved cone is similar to the curved cone, but it is more widely used; assembly hook: used to remove the O Put the O-ring into the groove. During operation, you must first push the O-ring through the groove, then use the back of the tool to push a part of the O-ring into the groove, and finally use its tip to push the other of the O-ring into the groove. One part is completely installed in place;


Tweezers: For occasions where it is not easy to lubricate the O-ring by hand, this tool can immerse the O-ring in the liquid lubricant and send it to a sealed place;


Scraper: used to remove the O-ring close to the outer surface, and also used to put the O-ring into the groove and add lubricant to the installed O-ring.