PUR U-ring Oil Seal ISI Piston Rod Hydraulic Seals

Place of Origin CHINA(MAINLAND)
Brand Name SUNCAR
Model Number ISI
Minimum Order Quantity 100 PCS
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details PP bag inside, carton box outside
Delivery Time 3-5 days after payment received(public holiday excluded)
Payment Terms Western Union, L/C, T/T, , D/A, D/P
Supply Ability 1000 PCS per Week

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Product Details
Product Name ISI Piston Rod Seal Material PUR U801/PUR U641
Hardness 30~90 Shore A Speed ≤1m/s
Temperature -30℃~+100℃ Pressure ≤30MPa
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Product Description


PUR U-ring Oil Seal ISI Piston Rod Hydraulic Seals

Piston rod seals and sealing rings are the key components of the reciproC.A.Ting actuator. They are not only related to leakage problems, but also affect the performance and life of the entire machine equipment. ISI is a seal with a smaller cross-section than IDI and has good heat resistance. IDI can be installed in an integral groove with medium sliding resistance.


Product parameter:

Product Name ISI Piston Rod Seal
Material PUR U801/PUR U641
Style Hydraulic
Hardness 30~90 Shore A
Speed ≤1m/s
Temperature -30℃~+100℃
Pressure ≤30MPa
OEM Accept
Future Resistant to heat, oil, fatigue, aging and friction
AppliC.A.Tion Automobile, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, trucks,etc.
Payment Terms Western Union, L/C, T/T, Money Gram, D/A, D/P
Shipping By air, by sea, by express(FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, etc.)
Brand Name SUNCAR
Packing PP bag inside, carton box outside
CertifiC.A.Tion ISO9001


Hydraulic Seal Installation Requirements:

1. The sealing surface of hydraulic seal gasket and flange should be clean.

2. The outer diameter of the hydraulic seal gasket should be smaller than the flange sealing surface, and the inner diameter should be slightly larger than the pipe inner diameter.

3. The pretension of the gasket shall not exceed the design requirements.

4. Torque wrenches are best used when packing asbestos gaskets.

5. When installing the gasket, tighten the nuts one by one.

6. In case of leakage, step-down treatment must be carried out after installation, and the sealing gasket must be replaced or adjusted.


Product Image:

PUR U-ring Oil Seal ISI Piston Rod Hydraulic  Seals 0


Piston Rod Seal--ISI Size:

18*26*5 50*60*6 105*120*9 170*185*9
20*28*5 53*63*6 106*120*8.5 175*190*9
22.4*30*5 55*65*6 106*121*9 180*200*12
22.4*30.4*5 56*66*6 110*125*9 190*210*12
23.5*31.5*5 60*70*6 112*125*9 200*220*12
25*33*5 60*71*7 115*130*9 204*224*12
25*35*5 63*73*6 118*133*9 210*230*12
28*35.5*5 65*75*6 120*135*9 220*240*12
28*36*5 67*77*6 125*140*9 225*245*12
30*40*6 70*80*6 130*145*9 230*250*12
31.5*41.5*6 71*81*6 136*150*8.5 240*260*12
35*45*6 75*85*6 140*155*9 250*270*12
35.5*45*6 80*90*6 145*160*9 260*285*16
35.5*45.5*6 85*100*9 150*165*9 270*295*16
36*46*6 90*105*9 155*170*9 280*305*16
40*50*6 95*110*9 160*175*9 290*315*16
45*55*6 98*112*8.5 165*180*9 300*325*16


Part Number:

FU0180K0 FU0180K2 FU1135K0 FU1135K1
FU0212K0 FU0212K1 FU1136K0 FU1136K1
FU0260K0 FU0260K1 FU1157K0 FU1157K2
FU0261K0 FU0261K1 FU1179K0 FU1179K1
FU0267K0 FU0267K1 FU1195K1 FU1195K2
FU0276K0 FU0276K2 FU1205K0 FU1205K1
FU0278K0 FU0278K2 FU1220K0 FU1220K1
FU0320K0 FU0320K1 FU1252K0 FU1252K1
FU0321K0 FU0321K1 FU1280K0 FU1280K1
FU0357K0 FU0357K3 FU1306K0 Y220-130111
FU0382K0 FU0382K1 FU1323K0 Y220-130113
FU0424K0 FU0424K7 FU1343K0 FU1306K1
FU0451K0 FU0451K1 FU1359K0 FU1323K2
FU0452K0 FU0452K1 FU1388K0 FU1343K1
FU2921K1 FU2921K0 FU1406K0 FU1359K1
FU0497K0 FU0497K5 FU1429K0 FU1388K2
FU0567K0 FU0567K6 FU1443K0 FU1406K1
FU0572K0 FU0572K1 FU1459K0 FU1429K1
FU0619K0 FU0619K3 FU1483K0 FU1443K2
FU0679K0 FU0679K2 FU1516K0 FU1459K1
FU0694K0 FU0694K2 FU1543K0 FU1483K1
FU0722K0 FU0722K1 FU1563K0 FU1516K1
FU0746K0 FU0746K5 FU1575K0 FU1543K1
FU0750K0 FU0750K1 FU1596K0 FU1563K1
FU0786K0 FU0786K3 FU1621K0 FU1575K1
FU0809K0 FU0809K1 FU1637K0 FU1596K1
FU0828K0 FU0828K1 FU1657K0 FU1621K1
FU0849K0 FU0849K5 FU1678K0 FU1637K1
FU0880K0 FU0880K1 FU1704K0 FU1657K1
FU0901K0 FU0901K1 FU1720K0 FU1678K1
FU0939K0 FU0939K1 FU1733K0 FU1704K1
FU0984K0 FU1125K1 FU1748K0 FU1720K1
FU1024K0 350-0961 FU1762K0 FU1733K1
FU1051K0 3500961 FU1762K1 FU1748K1
FU0984K2 961567 3500957 1540730
096-1567 350-0957 154-0730 FU1024K3
154-0750 350-0958 2590653 1211371
1540750 3500958 350-0959 121-1371
105-2577 FU1051K2 3500959 350-0960
1052577 259-0653 FU1082K1 3500960
154-0737 FU1125K1 FU1067K0 FU1067K1
1540737 350-0961 FU1082K0 3500961