Good Sealing XY Type Floating Oil Seal

Place of Origin CHINA(MAINLAND)
Brand Name SUNCAR
Certification ISO9001
Model Number Floating Seal
Minimum Order Quantity 100 PCS
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details PP bag inside, carton box outside
Delivery Time 3-5 days after payment received(public holiday excluded)
Payment Terms Western Union, L/C, T/T, MoneyGram, D/A, D/P
Supply Ability 1000 pcs per month
Product Details
Product Standard Size Inner Diameter 50 Mm ~ 865 Mm Seal Service Life 4,500 Hours
Pressure Resistance 1.0 ~1.7 Mpa Speed 3 M / Sec
Sample Available Condition New, Genuine New
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Seal Ring


Hydraulic Oil Seal


Floating Oil Seal

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Product Description


Good Sealing XY Type Floating Oil Seal


Product Description:

Floating seals are seals used in harsh environments such as undercarriage equipment for construction machinery and agricultural machinery. A seal product consisting of a special metal ring that is resistant to wear and an O-ring / packing made of rubber. By sliding the metal seal surface at the bearing, lubricating oil inside the equipment and intrusion of muddy water, earth and sand from the outside, etc. To prevent. A pair of the same shape is combined, and when the O-ring packing is deformed, the metal seal part is moved to the center of the groove and floats with respect to the shaft, so it is called a floating seal.


Floating Seal Structure:

  • There are two types of floating seals, one is a general type that uses an O-ring, and the other is a special type that uses a rubber product with a diamond-shaped cross section instead of the O-ring. Both types consist of two metal rings with the sealing surfaces polished to each other.
  • A pair of these two metal rings are incorporated into separate housings so that the sealing surfaces are in contact with each other, and the O-rings combined with the outer peripheral surface serve to position the entire seal in the center of the housing and perform the sealing function. ..
  • The housing shape is usually machined on an NC lathe.


Product Parameters:

Product Name XY Type Floating Seal
Seal Surface Metal Material Cast bearing steel Hardness HRC 65 ~ 72
Product Standard Size Inner diameter 50 mm ~ 865 mm
Outside Standard Size Up to an inner diameter of 1,500 mm
Seal Service life 4,500 hours
Seal Metal Surface Roughness Ra 0.1 or less (contact surface only)
Metal Guarantee Flatness 0.015 mm Max (mean: 0.003 mm ~ 0.004 mm)
Pressure Resistance 1.0 ~1.7 Mpa
Heat Resistance 20 ℃ ~ + 90 ℃ (for NBR) Low temperature and high temperature are possible depending on the material of the attached O-ring
Speed 3 m / sec
Attached O-ring Manufactured with in-house equipment (some outsourced products)
Place of Origin China(Mainland)
Brand name SUNCAR
Packing PP bag inside, carton box outside
Shipping Mode By air, by sea, by express(FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, etc.)
Payment Terms Western Union, Paypal, T/T, Transfer
Certification ISO9001
Warranty Unavailable
Condition New, genuine new
Sample Available
Related Part Number

9W7232, 9W6649, 9W6651, 9W7233, 6V2696, 6V2733, 7T4080, 6V1799



◇ Construction machinery (undercarriage of vehicle machinery such as power shovels and bulldozers)

◇ Agricultural machinery (undercarriage, attachment parts such as halo and rotary)

◇ Conveyor device

◇ Reducer

◇ Concrete mixer

◇ Mortar mixer

◇ Large special vehicle

◇ Forestry machinery

◇ Tunnel excavator (shield machine)

◇ Mining machinery


Advantages Of Oil Seal:

1. Oil seal structure is simple and easy to manufacture. Simple oil seal can be molded in one time, even the most complicated oil seal, the manufacturing process is also oil seal not complicated. The metal skeleton oil seal can also form the required oil seal between metal and rubber only by stamping, gluing, inlaying, molding and other processes.

2. Oil seal has light weight and few consumables. Each type of oil seal is a combination of thin-walled metal parts and rubber parts, and its material consumption is very small, so the weight of each oil seal is very light.

3. The installation position of the oil seal is small, the axial size is small, easy to process, and make the machine compact.

4. Oil seal has good sealing performance and long service life. It has certain adaptability to the vibration of the machine and the eccentricity of the main shaft.

5. Oil seal is easy to disassemble and convenient for inspection.

6.The oil seal is cheap.


Size Of L-shaped Floating Seal:

X:54.5*71.4*10.5/32.5 X:66.4*83.2*10.5*32.5 X:76*93.3*10.5/32.5 X:82*98.5*10.5/32.5
X:108*125*10.5/32.5 Y:54.5*71.4*22/32.5 Y:66.4*83.2*22/32.5 Y:76*93.3*22/32.5
Y:82*98.5*22/32.5 Y:108*125*22/32.5    

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