How To Improve The Pressure Resistance Of The Hammer Seal Kit?

July 1, 2021
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Definition Of Hydraulic Breaker:

(1) The hydraulic breaker has become an important work tool for hydraulic excavators, and some people install the hydraulic breaker on the backhoe loader (also known as busy at both ends) or wheel loader for crushing operations.

(2) Hydraulic breaker, also called hydraulic breaker. It is also called hydraulic hammer. Some are called hydraulic breakers, and some are called hydraulic picks, hydraulic guns, crushing heads, etc. The Chinese national standard terminology is called hydraulic impact breakers.


Brand Of Breaker Seal Kit:

General Breaker, Furukawa, Soosan, Daemo, Hanwoo, Toku, Rammer, Atlas, Seiko, Konan, JCB, Krupp, Montabert, jacty, Okada, Hyundai, Volvo and so on.


How To Improve The Pressure Resistance Of The Hammer Seal Kit?

(1) The factors that affect the sealing performance of the breaker seal include oil pressure, lip rubber performance, structural parameters, lip interference, R value (the distance from the sealing ring lip plane to the spring groove center plane), lip waist Thickness, length of lip waist, medium temperature, shaft speed of oil seal, etc. may affect the sealing performance of the hammer seal repair kit.

(2) Rotary skeleton shaft lip seal kits have low pressure bearing capacity, and are generally used under oil pressure of 0.05 MPa. When the oil pressure exceeds 0.05 MPa, the oil pressure will push the waist of the oil seal to the shaft surface and cause the seal structure to deform, which increases the contact width and friction force between the sealing lip and the shaft, causing the frictional heat to accumulate rapidly, causing the lip The parts are worn and burned, and there is a problem of seal failure. Therefore, the structure of the skeleton shaft lip seal ring that acts under high oil pressure should be appropriately improved, such as appropriately increasing the waist thickness, reducing the waist length, etc., to improve the pressure resistance of the hammer seal kit.